New flavours for the summer!

It just wouldn’t be summer without at least a couple of new flavours added to the line-up. Here’s what we’ve come up for you this year!

Irish Cream Ice Cream

When you think about it, it’s amazing we didn’t do this flavour sooner. Our latest creation is Irish Cream, inspired by that famous drink everyone loves. Smooth and creamy, it has just the right amount of chocolate, complemented by a soft coffee flavour and special Irish Cream essence so the overall taste is perfectly balanced. We think you’re going to love it. Available at all KD stores and other scoop shops serving our ice cream that are giving this new flavour a spot in their line-up.

Strawberry-Banana Frozen Yogurt

With so many flavour possibilities, it’s tough to keep everyone happy. But one thing we keep hearing is that lots of you want more frozen yogurt choices. So we got to work on a new one….Strawberry-Banana. We decided on this particular flavour because it’s one of the most popular yogurt choices and the two fruits really do go so well together. Like all yogurt you’d find in the dairy case, our frozen yogurt is the real thing, made with a live bacterial culture. Refreshing and light, it’s low in fat and has approximately one third less calories found in regular ice cream. Ask for a taste next time you’re in one of our stores and see just how delicious choosing frozen yogurt can be!

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